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True story: Twenty years ago, a psychic predicted I would write a children's book.  Over the next two decades, a lot of other writing—and four kids!—kept me too busy to even think about that long ago prophecy. But things change.  One day I thought about how funny it would be if a family of mice moved into a double bass and the next thing I knew, I was writing the story.

As a seasoned writer, as well as a reader of countless children’s books, I followed my instincts. I wanted a book that children could grow with, that would entertain as well as teach, and that could be read again and again. I didn’t want to talk down to kids the way so many children’s books do, so I used the names of real composers and music, and included a letter for parents who want to use the book to explore classical music with their children. And, because I know kids like pictures, I wanted lots of big, beautiful illustrations to bring my story to life. Jessica Gadra’s meticulous drawings are so engaging that I feel like Neko is a real person!

Feedback from bookstore owners, toy store owners, musicians, parents, and children has been enthusiastic and encouraging. I hope you enjoy it too!

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About Neko and the Twiggets

Meet Neko!

He loves playing double bass in the Butterfield Symphony Orchestra—until one day the Twigget family of mice takes up residence inside his instrument. Neko cannot ignore Mama Twigget's intense staring, Papa's boisterous dancing, or the twins who ride his bow and limbo at his feet.

Neko’s bass playing suffers and, in a dramatic moment, he is fired from his job in front of the entire orchestra and its audience!

Neko is sad until something surprising and wonderful happens that allows him—with the help of the Twiggets—to discover that playing music for himself is just as important as playing for others.

Ages 4 - 9; 40 pages full color.

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