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One of Donna's
New York Times puzzles.

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One of Donna's
Soap Opera Digest puzzles.

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“Donna Hoke – I haven't heard the name before, but I think I'll remember it. Her themed puzzle left me puzzled!”
Linda G., Madness - Crossword and Otherwise

“Are you the same Donna Hoke who makes crossword puzzles?”
Artistic Director, Colorado Theatre

“I must say, I'm gratified that everyone else thought this was unusually challenging for a Monday. Feared I was losing my touch. This is Donna Hoke's third NYT puzzle, so she is just getting started; uh oh.
Solver from Arkansas

"Congrats to Donna on her second NYT. Very nice puzzle.
Myles Callum, crossword constructor.

Amy Reynaldo's Diary of a Crossword Fiend 2009 Oryx Award Winner: "Lively!"

The Perfect Gift

“Donna was wonderful as I worked with her to create a special, unique present for my dear aunt's 80th birthday. Donna took care to meet our needs with timing, level of difficulty, and personalization. The crossword puzzle gift was a hit with everyone and provided lots of head-scratching fun for many families." Elaine S., San Francisco.

Donna’s custom puzzles go beyond just what you ask her to provide. She’ll come back to ask you how she can clue a simple word like ‘lake’ to be significant to the recipient. With such attention to detail, the whole thing is just a joy for the solver.”
Robert Linwood, repeat customer

“Working with Donna on clues for my husband's puzzle ended up being like a gift to me. I had a lot of fun finding the fits for certain words, and Donna's choice of wording each clue was masterful. I think I've found an annual gift for my 'puzzling' husband!”
Mary Lou Toler

“The puzzle was the perfect, personal gift, the gift of a lifetime! Thank you again for all your time and effort. We're already planning ahead for mom's 80th next year, so be prepared for a new list of words next fall!”
Karen Barker

“Donna is the best; I was so lucky I found her. With her help, I was able to give my crossword-loving girlfriend the perfect gift. Donna’s process was easy and enabled me to craft a very clever, personal crossword. My girlfriend LOVED it!”
Will Wynn, Austin, TX


Donna Hoke creates custom crosswords for special gifts, party favors, corporate events, and family reunions.  Personalized crossword puzzles make memorable and unique birthday, wedding, shower, or anniversary gifts for solving fans.

Puzzles can hold special greetings, significant quotations, romantic proposals, or fun trivia about people, families, or companies. To create a custom puzzle, Donna will talk with you to discuss the purpose of the puzzle, collect a relevant word list, and determine appropriate size and difficulty level.

To inquire about your individual crossword puzzle gifts and pricing, please email

Veteran Cruciverbalist

Donna Hoke started constructing crossword puzzles more than 20 years ago with her first appearing in Soap Opera Digest.  Since then, she has contributed weekly themed puzzles to both Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly magazines, and sold countless puzzles to the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Games Magazine, and Simon and Schuster. Recently, she began running a monthly Buffalo-themed puzzle in Buffalo Spree magazine.

Personal customized crossword puzzles are thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts
that their solvers won't ever forget!

  To order your own custom crossword puzzle, email